Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progress is Exhilarating

I really think I got the hang of this! Down another 2lbs and feeling focused and excited. Focusing on diet rather than killing myself everyday seems to be working quite well. Monday was a quick 15 minute warm up followed by lying leg curls and 60 reverse lunges. My time was up. Aghhh these 30 minute sessions are a bit annoying!

Yesterday was arms and shoulders. I noticed immediately that my arms have slimmed down. Sure enjoy hitting a muscle group that you can see in the mirror working with each extension and curl. Wait!! What is that? Oh a vein. Only few will understand the sense of accomplishment when a vein appears across one's bicep. Ahhhh yes!

My waist is trimming, is tightening up. This is the most motivating thing to see. My abs have always been my thing and to see another row appear makes eating that boring chicken much easier.

My dear friend and client of going on 5 weeks is keeping me motivated. I started cutting right along side of her last week. To have a partner makes all the difference. My sweet husband is working on size so his diet is a bit relaxed compared to mine. Keeping her motivated, giving her food ideas and constantly tweaking her diet has brought incredible focus.

I started the year at 134lbs. I could not believe it. The only time i've ever weighed over 130lbs was when I was pregnant. The worst part is I knew I lost quite a bit of muscle and gain this softness all over. That's what bothered me or rather motivated me to get my butt in gear. I'm 125lbs this morning. Almost 10lbs and the muscle is coming back. My legs and back are stronger and I love that!

I haven't ran since I was sick and am so very looking forward to running this weekend. I 'm taking off Thursday to have a me day. I haven't had one of those in months. It's going to be sunny and 70 degrees. I can't wait! I'm going to my client's house in the morning for an hour and a half training session and then off to get my hair done. A perfect day.

Being limited when eating has sparked the need for variety. Last night after juijitsu I made a lean meatloaf flavored with oat bran, peppers and srirachi sauce. I sauteed veggies in balsamic vinager and garlic. I added shrimp at the end. I am looking forward to eating today!

On the bike this morning. I sweat much faster now. I sweat after I eat. Heck, I sweat when I eat. The machine is back and running at full throttle.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I attempted to update the other night but I fell asleep. It's been one of those weeks. I'm 100% better as of yesterday. Training went well this week! Hit all body parts at one point I just don't remember what on which days. Since i'm trying not to over do the trying I really tuned into my food intake.

Dropped 3 lbs this week! I'm 7lbs from my dream weight. I am so very excited. I am narrowing down my selection for my summer bikini and lets just say it's gonna be an awesome summer. ;)

Since having my son lots of things have changed... I'm ok with that but deep down I have never been happy with my body fat post baby. A baby that is about to turn seven!

Game on!

On the bike this morning.

It's going to be a great week!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Momma's Tired

Tuesday and Thursday's are always cram packed. I get up early, I get to work early, I leave work early, get Dhane and go home for a 5minute snack and we are off to juijitsu. Run to the store, feed and bathe him, give him a snack before bed, jump on the bike and plug into my live lecture for school at 8:30p.m. So of course this is the day I choose to head back to the gym.

Hit the gym at noon. Stretched and started bis. I was a little weak but much stronger than I thought I would be. Did a bit of shoulders and headed over to the mats to finish with abs. I was petered out. I did just a few sets and left.

About 4p.m. it started catching up with me. Momma's TIRED.

Slept well last night and had a hard time getting up. My husband had me in the perfect snuggle position and I seriously thought about staying in it. He the awesome support he is nudged me out of it and said, "It's time for your cardio.".

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pssst. Here I Am!!!

It's been a while since my last entry. The day our son started making a full recovery I got sick. It's been a bad first two months as far as illness goes. I was stricken with a virus turned strep turned sinus infection that went to my lungs. Kicked my butt. The hardest part about being sick is not being able to train. Training is what makes me me. It's what completes me, balances me, releases me. I always become depressed when I can't train. I need that release of endorphins, that pump and tightness after hitting weights hard, that worn the hell out but I feel great feeling after a run. Those feelings are like a high for me and let me just say the fact that I am able to get up this morning and do a low level cardio session like riding the bike literally made me jump out of bed with excitement a minute before the alarm went off!

Pace myself.

I can hear my girlfriend's voice in my head. She's reading this and is thinking, "There she goes again.". Yes Kat, you are right. Pacing myself is my biggest struggle. I get so fired up that I get in this zone of I HAVE TO. Well we see where that repeatedly gets me so yes I will come back from this by pacing myself. :)

I'm not sure how to pace myself but I will give it a go. I'll try to focus more on clean eating and building my immune system up. Not training everyday is going to be hard since I haven't trained since I don't know when.

I did get on the bike yesterday. I went very easy and very long. I read a book, I played the PS3 with my son and of course gawked at food on foodgawker. I did 32 miles. It was like a recovery session. A recovery from being sick. I didn't have very much resistance. I just pedalled and it felt great.

I'm back on the bike this morning for another steady session. I will be honest when I say I'm having a hard time just thinking about staying out of the gym today.

Pace myself.....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Whew, Hello Friday!

I made it! These last 7 days were tough. Training and diet were really tested. Our little one had his first day back to school yesterday. I went to work feeling awful. Great a head cold to top it off. I trudged through the morning hours even laying my head down on my desk at one point to sleep. Lol! Positive thinking was a thing of the past. I slowly started the pity party. It was an hour of thinking about sucking it up and going to the gym to let me just sleep in my car.

I filled my water bottle and headed to the gym. On the way there I was thinking, " You know Naomi this is pretty dumb". The gym was freezing! I grabbed my iphone and jumped on an eliptical. About 10 minutes in my Endorphins kicked in and I was feeling much better. Twenty minutes later I could breath. Finished with 10 minutes of abs and headed back to the office.

I felt great the rest of the afternoon! Good call.

Good Friday Morning....Alarm goes off and the hubby gives his slight nudge. It's my turn for cardio. This is the first time in several days that I enjoying it and not doing it because I have to.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Staying focused and Being a Mom

Wow these last 5 days have been tough. Tough on my whole family. Our little one has a virus. It started with a fever Thursday night.
Thursday was also the day that my hard consistent training caught up with me and handed me my butt. I went to the gym on my lunch break only for it to confirm that I should have taken a rest day. Thursday I did my typical a.m. cardio to be followed by a puny workout. That evening Dhane's fever came and we were up at 3:30 in the morning.

Friday I felt sick from lack of rest and the stress of having a sick little one. Saturday was much better.

30 minutes cardio and pad work with my husband. Ahhh Muay Thai. It's in my bones. I still have the strength and speed. Only technique has become lazy and loose. My husband is an incredible coach. We trained for about 30 minutes in the garage while our sweet boy slept on the couch. I loved it and knew with each blow to the pad, each twist and follow through that I was going to be sore. It was worth it.

Yesterday we woke to start the same routine of getting Dhane's fever down.
I jumped on the bike for 45 minutes of cardio.

Once my husband was up, he encouraged me to get to the gym. Holy smokes am I sore. My shoulders, lats and obliques are paying dearly from Saturday's Thai training.

I'm out of the office again. Up at my normal time and have just completed 60 minutes on the bike.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doing my Best a Day at a Time

So I'm hitting the two week mark on this cut. I have not been this motivated in years. There is actual focus here! This blog, even though there are very few people that read it, has really helped me. :) I have also picked up a client/friend that is cutting and just started weight training. She is giving 150% and that is keeping me accountable as her coach.

My progress is slow but I am super patient and focused. I've been going heavy in the gym and it's kicking my butt! Yesterday I hit back and bis. My tris and chest are incredibly sore so I attempted to stretch a bit before I got started.

Seated db curls w 15,20,20.
Wide grip pull downs at 45,75,60
Low rows. I have no idea what weight I did. Lol!
Preacher curls- wow those were hard. Again I can't remember what weight I did.
Finished with standing bicep curls. Did them til exhaustion with 15lb db. Made it 17 per arm.

I did get up and run in the a.m. as well. It was only two miles total. My chest was so sore that I had to end my run early.

Our son had Juijitsu so off to the races when the clock hit 4:30 at work. Picked him up from school, stopped by the house, changed , drank a shake, made him an english muffin to go and we headed to juijitsu. I had to go to the grocery afterward so we didn't get home until a tad after 7:00p.m.. Dhane requested spaghetti then passed out from exhaustion on the couch. Poor baby ate dinner with his eyes closed. Ugh, he had to have a bath. Got him to bed about 8:30 and I preheated the oven. I always make him homemade cookies for school and today was the first day since his teeth extraction that he felt ready to eat food that was a bit more solid.

I made those puppies from scratch to finish in 20 minutes. You see I was in such a mad rush because my hubby had promised me a full body massage and I needed it so bad. I took a shower and went straight to the bedrroom and finally I relaxed. My husband gives incredible massages because he understands muscles, joints and how they are tied together. Next thing I know it's 4:30a.m. And the alarm is going off for my Wednesday to start.

So here I am at mile11 on the bike just blogging away. I feel great this morning. The muscle tightness is gone. I feel refreshed and ready to give 100% today.

I am so thankful for my husband and his coaching and support. We will be married 14 years this year and let me say he makes me smile, laugh and feel an inner peace everyday of my life. He is what keeps me driving towards my goals. I'm a pretty lucky girl.