Monday, February 6, 2012

Staying focused and Being a Mom

Wow these last 5 days have been tough. Tough on my whole family. Our little one has a virus. It started with a fever Thursday night.
Thursday was also the day that my hard consistent training caught up with me and handed me my butt. I went to the gym on my lunch break only for it to confirm that I should have taken a rest day. Thursday I did my typical a.m. cardio to be followed by a puny workout. That evening Dhane's fever came and we were up at 3:30 in the morning.

Friday I felt sick from lack of rest and the stress of having a sick little one. Saturday was much better.

30 minutes cardio and pad work with my husband. Ahhh Muay Thai. It's in my bones. I still have the strength and speed. Only technique has become lazy and loose. My husband is an incredible coach. We trained for about 30 minutes in the garage while our sweet boy slept on the couch. I loved it and knew with each blow to the pad, each twist and follow through that I was going to be sore. It was worth it.

Yesterday we woke to start the same routine of getting Dhane's fever down.
I jumped on the bike for 45 minutes of cardio.

Once my husband was up, he encouraged me to get to the gym. Holy smokes am I sore. My shoulders, lats and obliques are paying dearly from Saturday's Thai training.

I'm out of the office again. Up at my normal time and have just completed 60 minutes on the bike.

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