Friday, February 10, 2012

Whew, Hello Friday!

I made it! These last 7 days were tough. Training and diet were really tested. Our little one had his first day back to school yesterday. I went to work feeling awful. Great a head cold to top it off. I trudged through the morning hours even laying my head down on my desk at one point to sleep. Lol! Positive thinking was a thing of the past. I slowly started the pity party. It was an hour of thinking about sucking it up and going to the gym to let me just sleep in my car.

I filled my water bottle and headed to the gym. On the way there I was thinking, " You know Naomi this is pretty dumb". The gym was freezing! I grabbed my iphone and jumped on an eliptical. About 10 minutes in my Endorphins kicked in and I was feeling much better. Twenty minutes later I could breath. Finished with 10 minutes of abs and headed back to the office.

I felt great the rest of the afternoon! Good call.

Good Friday Morning....Alarm goes off and the hubby gives his slight nudge. It's my turn for cardio. This is the first time in several days that I enjoying it and not doing it because I have to.

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  1. Morning! Hope you continue to feel better.