Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Progress is Exhilarating

I really think I got the hang of this! Down another 2lbs and feeling focused and excited. Focusing on diet rather than killing myself everyday seems to be working quite well. Monday was a quick 15 minute warm up followed by lying leg curls and 60 reverse lunges. My time was up. Aghhh these 30 minute sessions are a bit annoying!

Yesterday was arms and shoulders. I noticed immediately that my arms have slimmed down. Sure enjoy hitting a muscle group that you can see in the mirror working with each extension and curl. Wait!! What is that? Oh a vein. Only few will understand the sense of accomplishment when a vein appears across one's bicep. Ahhhh yes!

My waist is trimming, is tightening up. This is the most motivating thing to see. My abs have always been my thing and to see another row appear makes eating that boring chicken much easier.

My dear friend and client of going on 5 weeks is keeping me motivated. I started cutting right along side of her last week. To have a partner makes all the difference. My sweet husband is working on size so his diet is a bit relaxed compared to mine. Keeping her motivated, giving her food ideas and constantly tweaking her diet has brought incredible focus.

I started the year at 134lbs. I could not believe it. The only time i've ever weighed over 130lbs was when I was pregnant. The worst part is I knew I lost quite a bit of muscle and gain this softness all over. That's what bothered me or rather motivated me to get my butt in gear. I'm 125lbs this morning. Almost 10lbs and the muscle is coming back. My legs and back are stronger and I love that!

I haven't ran since I was sick and am so very looking forward to running this weekend. I 'm taking off Thursday to have a me day. I haven't had one of those in months. It's going to be sunny and 70 degrees. I can't wait! I'm going to my client's house in the morning for an hour and a half training session and then off to get my hair done. A perfect day.

Being limited when eating has sparked the need for variety. Last night after juijitsu I made a lean meatloaf flavored with oat bran, peppers and srirachi sauce. I sauteed veggies in balsamic vinager and garlic. I added shrimp at the end. I am looking forward to eating today!

On the bike this morning. I sweat much faster now. I sweat after I eat. Heck, I sweat when I eat. The machine is back and running at full throttle.

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  1. Nice update, Naomi! It certainly provides a reason to feel grateful when all of the components are aligned and showing the fruits of your efforts. It is hard work and discipline is required but there is nothing more motivating than seeing results; it keeps you going. Actually, it not only sustains you but propels you to the next level, doesn't it?