Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doing my Best a Day at a Time

So I'm hitting the two week mark on this cut. I have not been this motivated in years. There is actual focus here! This blog, even though there are very few people that read it, has really helped me. :) I have also picked up a client/friend that is cutting and just started weight training. She is giving 150% and that is keeping me accountable as her coach.

My progress is slow but I am super patient and focused. I've been going heavy in the gym and it's kicking my butt! Yesterday I hit back and bis. My tris and chest are incredibly sore so I attempted to stretch a bit before I got started.

Seated db curls w 15,20,20.
Wide grip pull downs at 45,75,60
Low rows. I have no idea what weight I did. Lol!
Preacher curls- wow those were hard. Again I can't remember what weight I did.
Finished with standing bicep curls. Did them til exhaustion with 15lb db. Made it 17 per arm.

I did get up and run in the a.m. as well. It was only two miles total. My chest was so sore that I had to end my run early.

Our son had Juijitsu so off to the races when the clock hit 4:30 at work. Picked him up from school, stopped by the house, changed , drank a shake, made him an english muffin to go and we headed to juijitsu. I had to go to the grocery afterward so we didn't get home until a tad after 7:00p.m.. Dhane requested spaghetti then passed out from exhaustion on the couch. Poor baby ate dinner with his eyes closed. Ugh, he had to have a bath. Got him to bed about 8:30 and I preheated the oven. I always make him homemade cookies for school and today was the first day since his teeth extraction that he felt ready to eat food that was a bit more solid.

I made those puppies from scratch to finish in 20 minutes. You see I was in such a mad rush because my hubby had promised me a full body massage and I needed it so bad. I took a shower and went straight to the bedrroom and finally I relaxed. My husband gives incredible massages because he understands muscles, joints and how they are tied together. Next thing I know it's 4:30a.m. And the alarm is going off for my Wednesday to start.

So here I am at mile11 on the bike just blogging away. I feel great this morning. The muscle tightness is gone. I feel refreshed and ready to give 100% today.

I am so thankful for my husband and his coaching and support. We will be married 14 years this year and let me say he makes me smile, laugh and feel an inner peace everyday of my life. He is what keeps me driving towards my goals. I'm a pretty lucky girl.

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  1. Indeed you are a lucky girl.

    And - I am enjoying your journey and am motivated by you as well, so thank you. Now - if this work thing just got out of the way. XOXO Keep it going are doing yourself good but others as well.