Monday, February 20, 2012

Pssst. Here I Am!!!

It's been a while since my last entry. The day our son started making a full recovery I got sick. It's been a bad first two months as far as illness goes. I was stricken with a virus turned strep turned sinus infection that went to my lungs. Kicked my butt. The hardest part about being sick is not being able to train. Training is what makes me me. It's what completes me, balances me, releases me. I always become depressed when I can't train. I need that release of endorphins, that pump and tightness after hitting weights hard, that worn the hell out but I feel great feeling after a run. Those feelings are like a high for me and let me just say the fact that I am able to get up this morning and do a low level cardio session like riding the bike literally made me jump out of bed with excitement a minute before the alarm went off!

Pace myself.

I can hear my girlfriend's voice in my head. She's reading this and is thinking, "There she goes again.". Yes Kat, you are right. Pacing myself is my biggest struggle. I get so fired up that I get in this zone of I HAVE TO. Well we see where that repeatedly gets me so yes I will come back from this by pacing myself. :)

I'm not sure how to pace myself but I will give it a go. I'll try to focus more on clean eating and building my immune system up. Not training everyday is going to be hard since I haven't trained since I don't know when.

I did get on the bike yesterday. I went very easy and very long. I read a book, I played the PS3 with my son and of course gawked at food on foodgawker. I did 32 miles. It was like a recovery session. A recovery from being sick. I didn't have very much resistance. I just pedalled and it felt great.

I'm back on the bike this morning for another steady session. I will be honest when I say I'm having a hard time just thinking about staying out of the gym today.

Pace myself.....


  1. :)

    Actually, before I got to 'take it easy, don't kill yourself' -- I was thinking about how energized you are talking about working out and thinking about working out. You are EXCITED to work out even early in the morning....and how I wished I was in that place again....'those' were my first thoughts but then quickly went into "Ugh! She needs to go slow!" :)

    You are blessed with energy and drive in both body and mind. Not everyone can say that, so I hope you appreciate how God has made you (there are many of us that love to talk and teach it like me, but have a love/hate relationship with doing). Anyway, you were born 'raring' to go and always 'on' but just as God provided these gifts, it is your job to respect the body and when it needs to not be 'on'. There is more than an on switch and off switch...there is pause. :-)

    So glad you are feeling better and back to it. Slowly and steady, gorgeous girl.

    And, I am thinking that maybe now that Dhane is a little older, you could get back to training more clients.... I think it will help expend some of that 'gotta do'; I know you love helping people just as much as you love doing it yourself. More gifts that God gave you: love of people and generosity. XOXO

  2. Only you could call 32 miles a recovery session! ;)

    And i just wanted to say you are not defined by training or the time you spend in the gym. Your an amazing strong woman and gym time makes no differenc to that.

    Donna x :)

    1. Love that, Donna! XOXO

  3. Thanks girls!! I appreciate your support. Kathy, I thank God after every good workout and a good run. I am thankful for my health and physical capabilities. I feel very lucky to be able to train and push myself and very humbled and sadden quite often for those who have the same drive as me but are limited phsyically.

    I am defined by my training without question. It is part of me just like sewing is part of you Donna. :) Training and fitness is woven through my veins and part of my DNA and it brings a great sense of accomplishment and completeness to me. It's not about the time or the results it's the "doing" that makes it part of me. I wouldn't be the happy, driven, able to help others reach their goals without training and diet being a huge part of my life. It is who I am in that regard.

    I am so very excited to get in the gym today. Even if it's only 30 minutes. :)

    I sat at my desk and studied yesterday instead of going to the gym. It was crazy hard since my bag was in the car but I am trying to be responsible....trying.

    1. Excellent line of thinking, Naomi! And good for you for studying!