Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Momma's Tired

Tuesday and Thursday's are always cram packed. I get up early, I get to work early, I leave work early, get Dhane and go home for a 5minute snack and we are off to juijitsu. Run to the store, feed and bathe him, give him a snack before bed, jump on the bike and plug into my live lecture for school at 8:30p.m. So of course this is the day I choose to head back to the gym.

Hit the gym at noon. Stretched and started bis. I was a little weak but much stronger than I thought I would be. Did a bit of shoulders and headed over to the mats to finish with abs. I was petered out. I did just a few sets and left.

About 4p.m. it started catching up with me. Momma's TIRED.

Slept well last night and had a hard time getting up. My husband had me in the perfect snuggle position and I seriously thought about staying in it. He the awesome support he is nudged me out of it and said, "It's time for your cardio.".

Happy Wednesday!

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