Monday, January 30, 2012

Weak Little Chicken

This weekend was crazy. I had two baby showers. One of which was my sister's so much of my weekends this month have been spent at my mother's house. I did get up at 4:30 on Saturday and did an hour on the bike.

I had a.m. Cardio today. 40 minutes on the recumbent bike.

Today was my first heavy day for chest and tris.
Wow was I pathetic with my 10lb plate on each side of the hammerstrength machine.
I haven't hit chest on a regular basis is probably to years. Yes I'll randomly hit the cable crossovers and push ups but I haven't gone heavy.

I warmed up as normal and hit the hammerstrength. 3x12 with yes a 10lb plate on each side.
Overhead presses for tris with 22.5lb db.
Cable crossovers for chest. I did those rotating to flyes with every other set. 3x12 on first set then super sets the other two.
Single arm tricep pressdown 3x12
Face pulls with rope. 65lbs. I usually do these for back and shoulders but I felt the need to stretch my chest.

Off to abs. I am in love with Russian twists. 2 sets of 50 per side.
Leg raises 3 sets of 29.
Weighted side bends to floor crunches.

Back to work. I am in trouble. My chest is already tender. Yikes.

Did legs with the bands while the oven pre heated.
Donkey kicks, abductors then lunges off the stairs.

I have made good progress and can see the definition faintly coming through.

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