Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Posting from my Iphone while on the bike. Fancy Schmancy.

Tuesdays have always been my least favorite day but now that Dhane has JuiJitsu on Tuesdays that has changed. He is stronger, faster, and more confident. I love that he enjoys training.

Not near as sore today after my skating incident.
12:pm- Hit the gym. I love to stretch and always do that first. My fav is hanging from this weird cage thats at the gym. My back sounds like bubble wrap being walked on and then that good pain that comes by hanging just a little longer. I swear I grow an inch with this stretch.
Did a bit of abs, shoulders and back.
My time so limited that it is hard to focus and feel that Im really working a muscle group.
I need more time. I've discussed going at night after Dhane's class on Tuesday and Thursdays with D. and of course he is nothing but support.

Tonight I chose the bike instead of heading out. Mile 8......

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  1. They do say that stretching or yoga can open up the spine and can increase your height just by slowly eliminating compressions.

    As for your workout at lunch time, do you go every day? If you have only a half hour yet truly want to focus on muscles, why not pick ONE muscle group (ie., back) and hit it hard and in a circuit style by super setting two different movements with little to no rest in between? Your biceps will get some work out without having to do them yet you will have enough time invested in really hitting the back hard.

    If you pick one area a day - back, chest, shoulders, legs, arms (do arms last) - you hit all of the muscle groups with the exception of abs. Abs can be done with shoulders BUT if you choose the compound movements with free weights, you won't likely have to worry too much about abs and if you are getting runs in somewhere during the weekend or wherever -- again, your form will take care of a lot of ab work. It might make you happier knowing you kicked the entire body and gave it the attention you like rather than doing a few things at once.

    I admire that you go at lunch time...I think it is great!

    Keep it going, Naomi! XOXO