Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ah so no training over the weekend. Jammed packed with home projects, the usual cleaning, shopping and helping my mother with the preparations for my sister's baby shower at the end of the month. Although I did not "train", I was beat.

4:45a.m.- 11.5 miles on the bike- 45 minutes.
1:00p.m. lunch break training. Hit back, bis and a bit of abs.

Weight is holding steady. I'm trying to not get discouraged. Just keep moving forward. There is still many changes that need to be made to my food intake. I'm doing it very slowly so I will stick with it.

Tonight is family night at Dhane's Jiujitsu school. I'm a bit excited and hope to break a sweat.

I'm averaging 7 hours of sleep and an easy 120 ounces of water a day.

No a.m. cardio today. Just running around packing meals for my and my little one.

Will hit the gym today. It's pure cardio and abs. I found my insanity dvd but it will not play on our fancy new blueray player. I have an old dvd player that I hope is upstairs and will give it another shot in the tomorrow.

I have a race next weekend and haven't ran in a week. Yikes. I would have never thought January would be so busy.


  1. I still have yet to conquer the water thing myself (I know, shame on me) so I am in awe of 120 ounces done for you.

    I do agree the food changes slowly ensure a better adherence to consistency and compliance. Slow and steady wins the race (unless we are talking the 100 yard dash).

    Hope you got your workout time as you wanted. XOXO

  2. Kat, I bought this awesome water bottle and take it everywhere with me. It's insulated, holds 24 ounces and has a built in rubber straw. It has become a habit to take it EVEYWHERE. I always drink more from a straw.... xoxo

  3. I drink more through a straw too. Can you share a link for the water bottle? I bet that will help me.

  4. http://www.buy.com/prod/insulated-blue-hydration-sports-bottle-by-home-presence/206411160.html

    This is the one I have. I can't find it anywhere online. I will go by Ross and see if they have any left.