Friday, January 20, 2012

1.20.2012 Friday!

Yesterday was tough. I was beat from my training on Wednesday. I mean I could barely move and spent most of my day in my chair at work. I did not train at all. I made it to PF Changs for soup and that was it.

Today is better. I got up and did my normal morning cardio routine before waking the boys. I will not train today as I have a race tomorrow and I need my body strong and recovered.

Tomorrow is my first race of 2012. It snuck up on me a week early so I am a bit nervous but excited to be back out there with the runners. It's at the Zoo in Nashville and it is one of my favorite races.

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  1. Good luck tomorrow! Text me and let me know how it went. Don't try to set yourself for disappointment..... having no expectations other than to enjoy it for the love it, will get you to the right place! XOXO