Monday, January 9, 2012

So here we are-Run...Train...Repeat

For years I kept fitness journals that tracked my progress, my failures and accomplished goals.
I had a wonderful group of ladies that gave me support and cheered me on my journey. Little did I know how much value my journals had in relation to my self-accountability. The site has closed and most of us have gone our separate ways. Truth is, I need those girls in my life to keep me going when I'm tired and discouraged. I need them by my side to celebrate my victories as little as they may seem.

I need a "journal" so my words and works are recorded. There is something about putting my life into words that makes it stick just a little bit longer.

So here we are- Run...Train... Repeat.

Life has changed in many many wonderful ways these last 7 years. We now have a child who will be 7 years old this July. He is the light that shines in our eyes. We have moved into the beautiful town of Nolensville in Tennessee. This past summer we bought our second home. I've been working for the last 2 years in the corporate world. Things have changed. Priorities have shifted.

The days of being in the gym 7 days a week and having zero carbs in the house with the exception to rice and sweet potatos are long gone. Through this shift of priorities I have found a new love and it's the love of running. I ran my first race in September of 2009 have ran at least 20 more since. It is a freedom I need to survive this new lifestyle.
*Goal inserted here*- Run my first half in 2012*

I am fortunate to squeeze in a 30 minute weight session at the gym on my lunch break.
I ride a recumbent bike every other morning for 30-45 minutes just to get myself going.
I run when I can.

Routine is key. Children thrive under routine. I don't think that need ever leaves us.
I'm not one for the quote "Resolution" at the beginning of the year however this year is different.
My mind fills with bullet points of wanted accomplishments. The rush of life pushes them back quite fast but they keep on bouncing back.

I must recognize them.

Moving was a big step for us. We spent 10 years in our starter home so there was always a feeling of things being temporary. I don't have that feeling anymore. I swear I feel a sense of freedom now that we've moved. It's wonderful. I love our home and Nolensville.

I guess here is the place to start. To write down the official - 2012 Goals

  • Run a Half Marathon

  • Race at least once a month

  • Break 200 miles on my Nike+GPS (current is 134.7)

  • Lean out

  • Gain Strength

I want to keep this as Fitness and Race related as possible. I will link to my personal blog as it is impossible to share my daily life without inserts of my husband and son along the way.


  1. Go, Naomi, Go! I eagerly await your updates! XOXO