Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Reality has hit and it won't discourage me.

Tuesday was a busy day. Daniel had cardio so I got an extra 15 minutes of sleep! Yes.
Off to work. Gym time came fast.

Although I hit bis and tris the night prior with the bands the need to hit them with weights kept running through my mind.
I planned my 30 minutes carefully. I found a a workout for abs on Pinterest that I thought would be challenging. Boy was I right.
For many years I took and taught Muay Thai along side my husband. His training techniques were at least an entire decade ahead of others. His students were RIPPED as was I.

My core strength is puny these days in comparison. I gave the workout my all and that was about 80%. I became discouraged with each set of plank exercises but pushed through them regardless of my embarrassing form. I kept thinking that this is my first time doing these and I'll have this mastered in no time. I'm really trying to use the power of positive thinking. :)

Hit bis and tris. This was my second dose of reality. Although my strength is the same, the mass is not. I have maintained a good weight over the years but have come to the realization that muscle has been replaced with fat. Now I'm not beating myself up as i know my life and priorities have changed. Oh and I am a few years older. ;) Matters not. I can do anything I put my mind too. Boy if I had a million dollars the things I could really do and change in the life of others. But I don't, so I do my best and try to use my God given talents to help others. I'm cool with that.

So as I left the gym I was a bit bummed and texted my husband as he is my best friend and my coach. He supports me in such an amazing way. He is selfless when it comes to my needs. I am thankful for that.

I immediately, even before making it to my car, started formulating a plan. I knew what I need to do.

Dhane had juijitsu last night so we walked through the door around 7:00. I put on my runners and hit the door. It was an amazing night for a run. The stars were bright and the air crisp. I did my normal tenth of a mile walk and took off. My breathing regulated pretty darn fast. I checked my pace and was cruising. I hit mile one fast. I ran towards Dhane's school. Our neighborhood is so hilly and I wanted just a good flat course where I could work on speed and maintaining that threshold. I pushed myself to keep a faster pace. It wasn't hard physically but it was the mental pushing. Believing that I could maintain that pace and not to allow myself to slow.

I hit three miles in 24:24. Yes al close to a sub 8 minute mile. I recovered quite fast and decided to run home. Running home really means lunging up hills. I reminded myself that the hills are my friend in 5k races. That was the longest .87 miles EVER.

I came home to my husband smiling and my little one already bathed and ready to hang with me.

I sat down with Daniel last night and we discussed my plan on what I need to do to get my mass back while cutting this fat. Easy enough.


  1. Go girl! You truly are way too hard on yourself but honestly, that is what drives you and motivates you. Just be clear not to let it get too far into your head.....sometimes wanting to achieve and desire to attain can end up in a self-sabotaging place. Be strong!

  2. I'm not Kat. I keep my eye on the good that I do. The extra rep, going heavier,etc. I'm also being very realistic and taking it slow. I havent weighed in over two weeks. I'm just doing what I need to. Thank you for your support. Love you!