Friday, January 27, 2012

Legs are Toast

Leg day in the gym.

I love training legs. There is always a balance when training legs of going heavy but not too heavy.
Isn't it funny that there is always that one machine you look forward to tackling and there it is, that stupid sign from management, "out of order", "parts on order", " sorry for the inconvenience"! Agh!!!!!

So no leg extensions.

Leg press 3x12
Leg curls- although I'm not very comfortable having my tush in the air, this machine is awesome.

Off to circuit style training.
Plie squats to stiff legged deadlifts to reverse cross lunges.
Three times.

Russian twists are my new friend. Love love love.
Side bends, twists, leg raises.
15 minutes cardio.

It's Friday morning and I'm on the bike. I bumped the alarm to 4:30 a.m.
I truly enjoy my morning cardio. Well, ok not the cardio but being on a recumbent bike watching whatever I WANT with an Ipad in hand blogging away. Oh and I sweat and sweat alot. I have such a hard time sweating so to be up before the sun, breaking a sweat gives me this feeling of having a headstart to the day.

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  1. One of my favorite pieces of aparatus is the prone hamstring curl machine (which I believe you may be referring to). It hits my hams like nothing else. I do hate having my bottom up -- but honestly, there is nothing that makes me feel more accomplished -- somehow mentally better than squats since my form still challenges me...but that dang butt-in-the-air machine -- truly toasts them hammies! Good girl!

    I wish I enjoyed cardio -much less morning cardio. I crave the air to lose that icy chill in the morning to get it done outside.....if I have to leave the house to do cardio (ie., get to the gym), I might as well do it outside.